Practical V. Spiritual 

So for any of you that saw Batman V. Superman, (which was a terrible movie, but we can debate that in the comment section if you’d you saw the resentment Batman had for Superman as he destroyed buildings trying to defeat a super powered foe. To Superman there was no other way. Batman did things a lot more clean cut, and didn’t wreak havoc in the city. The movie comes to a head when the two vastly different styles clashed when they bumped into each other. 

Now; both hero’s did great things. But it didn’t matter to one another (and if they didn’t clash there wouldn’t have been a movie…honestly there still wasn’t a movie but hey—LOL). What if it wouldn’t have taken until the end of the movie for them to realize they could work together? They both brought GREAT things to the table. 

As a christian I have had to tackle mental health issues. Coming to a brick wall of a breakdown I finally had to call it like I saw it. Recovering took strategy; it required a spiritual component as well as a practical component. You wouldn’t know how life changing this was for me! In response to cries for help like “I’m dealing with depression”– I would hear “I rebuke it in the name of Jesus”, and you have to trust God, you don’t have anything to be depressed about”. I started to seek God for wisdom and God answered my unique prayer. 

For instance– dealing with depression. There can definitely be a “pray over it” and an “I rebuke it portion” to it but lets also address the fact that you can have a build up on toxins in your brain that you need a detox from.  

Dealing with anxiety– Praying over it is great! But You also have to get the trauma out!

It may require some tears, but it’s so necessary to heal and recover emotionally. 

A scripture I meditate on is Isaiah 26:3. It says You will keep him in perfect and constant peace, whose mind is stayed on you. When you’re dealing with anxiety you need peace! You want to be rest assured of a particular fear. Finding out the cause of the anxiety is also VERY helpful. Take me for instance. 2 times in my life I was sure I drowned and I’m sure God saved my life. The first at 5 years old (very traumatic) and the second at 21 (SO traumatic because I was reliving a childhood fear and as an adult I couldn’t save myself). Now, as an adult in therapy going over the trauma and bringing out tears I didn’t know was there it helped me see how this trauma has vastly affected different areas of my life. One of the most prevalent being facing large crowds. It can and has caused anxiety attacks. But having and understanding what I’m dealing with God has lead me to scriptures to meditate on– 2 Tim 1:7 being so effective (God has not given me a spirit of fear but a spirit of POWER, love, and a SOUND MIND)– and practical ways to address it in therapy. Its proven to be SO effective!!!!!!! 

Utilizing both Batman and Superman strengths yields amazing results! Combining both practical and spiritual principles are the keys to wholeness! Not one or the other. Go to church, pray, join a small group, yes. Also go to therapy; find a good christian therapist. You want victory in both areas? Have support in both areas.